Sexual Offences

Barristers specialising in Sexual Offences at Libertas Chambers

At Libertas Chambers, our barristers are regarded as being among the leading experts in defending allegations of sexual offences.

We act for a wide range of clients accused of serious sexual crimes.

Our specialist barristers are experts in the entire spectrum of sexual offences law. This includes technical expertise in allegations relating to indecent images or extreme pornography to rape and sexual abuse, as well as advocacy expertise in serious and complex cases involving allegations of rape, sexual violence and child sexual abuse. This includes advice and representation for clients facing historic sexual allegations where issues of abuse of process can arise.

Why Choose Barristers At Libertas Chambers to Defend Sexual Offence Allegations?

Libertas Chambers has a team of KCs and barristers at every level specialising in defending cases involving alleged sexual offending. We pride ourselves on our sensitive approach, with an excellent record of quality representation at all levels of seriousness in cases of this type.

Members of Chambers deal with all aspects of cases involving alleged sexual offending, including:

  • Extraterritorial alleged sexual offending and extradition issues
  • High-profile and complex historic sexual allegations
  • Multi-defendant and multi-complainant cases
  • Cases involving child complainants, including historic allegations involving institutions
  • Trafficking and grooming
  • Serious sexual violence in homicide matters (
  • Online offences, including extremE or indecent images
  • Rapes in a range of contexts, including “stranger” and alleged domestic abuse.

In the context of cases involving sexual offences, our members have long-standing experience in challenging expert evidence, including data and other technological evidence, DNA evidence – including statistical reasoning and match probability, contamination and secondary transfer issues.

In relation to all offences within this bracket, we are always mindful of the potential significance of disclosure and well-practised in making appropriate requests and any consequential legal applications.

When defending children and young people, members are acutely aware of the importance of engaging in the relevant out-of-court disposals, even where serious offences are concerned given that the child’s welfare and the need to work with inter-agency groups is of paramount importance.

Vulnerable Witnesses and Defendants

Members have been trained to skilfully question young and vulnerable witnesses (including defendants) – including those with physical and mental disabilities.

We have members who are facilitators for delivering vulnerable witness training and members who often lecture on the subject of intermediaries and special measures as well as legal issues arising in such cases, including s. 41 (admissibility of previous sexual history) and procedural issues such as s.28 pre-recorded cross-examination of vulnerable witnesses.

Why Do I Need A Barrister specialsing in Sexual Offences?

Sexual offences law is a highly specialised area with specific requirements placed on advocates (such as special measures for vulnerable witnesses) and laws of evidence (such as restriction on cross-examination concerning a complainant’s sexual history) that are not typical of most other types of cases.

As specialist advocates, our KCs and barristers are experts in defending sexual allegations.

What is the Process of Instructing a Barrister to Represent me for Allegations of Sexual Offences?

Our KCs and junior barristers are usually instructed through a solicitor, and you may want to contact a solicitor to help you explore your options initially.

Libertas Chambers has a good working relationship with solicitors across the UK and overseas and, together, can help identify the most suitable criminal barrister to deal with your case.

If you have a chosen barrister in mind, you may ask your solicitor to instruct that barrister. Your barrister will consider the papers in your case and may advise in writing or at a meeting with you before preparing your defence and appearing in court on your behalf.

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