Jane Greenhalgh


Jane Greenhalgh is known as an experienced and highly competent senior barrister with an extensive practice.

Called to the Bar in 2004, after a five year career as a solicitor and partner at a law firm, Jane practises in general crime, fraud, serious sexual offences and organised crime. She has particular experience in complex fraud including MTIC, immigration fraud, agricultural fraud and trading standards.

Jane primarily defends, although she is also a Grade 4 CPS Advocate, Category 3 Specialist Fraud Panellist and a member of the SFO panel.

In addition, she has a background in regulatory cases, being instructed on behalf of the GMC and representing defendants in GDC and HCPC cases at fitness to practice hearings.

Jane was junior defence counsel in R v Reynhard Sinaga, representing the most prolific sexual offender known in English legal history. She went on to appear in the Attorney-General reference proceedings, when the Appellant submitted that the Respondent should have been made the subject of a Whole Life Order.

Jane is known as a very capable junior and has a nationwide practice.

“She is a force of nature.”


Civil Litigation

Jane has particular experience in complex fraud including MTIC, immigration fraud, agricultural fraud and trading standards. For cases, head to the Civil Fraud section below.

R v Jonathan Pickford (2019) – Birmingham Crown Court. Defended in an agricultural fraud, where a family of farmers were charged with fraudulently injecting their cattle with Tuberculosis-like reactor material in order to gain compensation from DEFRA. The preparation for this trial involved conferences with leading experts in this field and distilling their complex reports to ensure they were capable of presentation before the jury. On the first day of trial the prosecution indicated they would take pleas from the first defendant, having seen the defence reports showing the weaknesses in their case. The case was dropped then against the defendant.

R v Muhammad Babar Bashir et al (2018/19) – Manchester Crown Court – Leading Junior in a Home Office prosecution instructed by the CPS Fraud Unit in Manchester. Secured convictions in a complex case involving the manipulation of the Tier 4 rules system which allows non-EEA residents to come to the UK and study. Here the colleges were sham colleges, designed to sell their student places without any intention of proving an education and to profit financially as a consequence. The trial lasted five months and two defendants were convicted, one having earlier pleaded guilty.

R v Callum Clay (2018) – Defended in a complex trading standards case where it was alleged that the defendants had conned business customers into agreeing to business rates re-evaluations. The defendants would use telesales to generate business, allegedly targeting the vulnerable and those who could not understand English very well. They were convicted but the judge remarked on sentence that they were naïve and hardly experienced criminals.

R v Abid Hussain (2015) – Preston Crown Court. Defended the main defendant in a complex mortgage fraud involving solicitors and financial advisors.

R V Mohammed Munir (2015) – Manchester Crown Court. Prosecuted a £6.5million MTIC VAT Carousel Fraud.

R V Geoffrey Auston – (2014) – Teeside Crown Court. Defended in a highly complex mining fraud and POCA.

R v Walton (2014) – Teesside Crown Court. Defending female client charged with conspiracy to commit fraud in a highly complex case of alleged fraudulent applications for government grants. All charges dropped at trial.

R v Ataur Talukdar et al (2013) – Manchester Crown Court. Prosecuted the largest ever prosecution by the UKBA involving eight defendants charged with fraud, immigration offences and money laundering.

R v Philip Haigh (2018) – Manchester Crown Court. Defended in a serious case of multiple armed robberies of taxi drivers. The defendant was lightly convicted and clearly had been ‘set up’ by a man who had asked to borrow his phone and booked the taxi in the defendant’s name. The police then charged the defendant with this robbery and all other like robberies in the preceding month. He was acquitted of all offences.

R v Benson (Feb 2017) – Kingston Crown Court. Successfully defended in a National Crime Agency undercover operation involving a conspiracy to supply class A drugs in central London. The defendant, a prominent member of the Nigerian community in London, was acquitted at Kingston Crown Court. Jane was instructed by Ashmans solicitors.

R v Szirbuly (2012) – Manchester Crown Court. Defending Hungarian client charged with conspiracy to facilitate immigration by entering into a ‘sham marriage’.

R v Stuart Graham (2014) – Sheffield Crown Court. Defending in a large scale conspiracy to import Class a drugs involving the National Crime Agency.

R v Nathan Halton (2012) – Minshull Street Crown Court. Instructed to defend in a case of child cruelty involving serious non-accidental injuries suffered by an 8 week old baby.

R v Clifton Cameron (2012) – Manchester Crown Court. Defended in a gangland kidnapping, blackmail and torture case.

R v Emma Noack (2010) – Manchester Crown Court. Defended in a trial, and subsequent re-trial, in a £2.5 million drug importation through Manchester Airport.

R v Colin Kaler et al (2014) – Central Criminal Court. Defended in a high profile multi-handed Manslaughter case involving G4S and the deportation of Jimmy Mubenga.

R v Rumaal Ingram (2012) – Manchester Crown Court. Defended in multi-handed gang murder case.

R v Mark Postles (2012) – Nottingham Crown Court. Junior Counsel for the Defendant. Murder and Dismemberment case where there were complex arguments on Diminished Responsibility.

R v Dawn Chadwick (2012) – Manchester Crown Court. Instructed to defend a woman charged with supplying a noxious substance to her sister-in-law to bring about an abortion, causing the woman to die.

R v Jamie Smith (2011) – Manchester Crown Court. Junior Counsel for the Defendant. Murder case which involved complex hearsay arguments in a voire dire where none of the witnesses would attend court to give evidence.

R v Colin Joyce, Lee Amos, Aaron Campbell, Narada Williams, Ricardo Williams, Hassan Shah, Aaron Alexander, Kyle Wint, Ricci Moss and Tyler Mullings (2009) – Liverpool Crown Court. Junior Counsel in a 6 month ‘Gooch Gang’ gangland murder case.

R v Reynhard Sinaga (2019/20) – Manchester Crown Court. Junior for the defence over the course of three trials in the largest rape prosecution in UK legal history. For that reason, the case has been reported internationally and is influencing Government policy on the classification of the drug GHB. Reynhard Sinaga was sentenced to life imprisonment after being found guilty of 159 counts of sexual offences against 48 different men. Jane also represented this client in the Attorney-General reference proceedings, when the Crown failed in their submission that the client should have been made the subject of a Whole Life Order.

R v Robert Girdlestone (2018) Defended a 76 year old in the trial and then retrial of a man charged with raping and abusing his family, together with his by now deceased wife. Cross-examined both daughters. Hung jury in the first trial, but convicted in the retrial and sentenced to 16 years imprisonment.

R v Nguyen (2015) – Manchester Crown Court. Prosecuted a husband in a marital rape case.

R v Kadum (2015) – Bolton Crown Court. Prosecuted a rape of a child in a Romanian refugee camp.

R v Floyd et al (2015) – Leeds Crown Court. Defended in a gangland burglary and rape case.

R v Khalid (2015) – Harrow Crown Court. Prosecuted in a case of possession of extreme indecent images.

R v Eddison and Sutherland (2015) – Manchester Crown Court. Prosecuted two defendants charged with the rape of a drug addict.

R v Halloufy (2015) – Manchester Crown Court. Defended in a rape case where the events were captured on CCTV.

R v Stephen Slotwiner (2012) – Manchester Crown Court. Defended in a historic sex offender case.

Jane has experience in representing clients at inquests. For case examples, head to the Inquests section below.

Re: Dawn Chadwick (2014) – Manchester Coroners’ Court. Representing Dawn Chadwick in a high-profile Inquest involving the death of a woman from the consumption of vinegar to bring about an abortion.


"Jane is brilliant with clients. Her advocacy is strong in court."Chambers & Partners, 2023
"She is very forceful and well respected."Chambers & Partners, 2022
"A robust and fearless advocate"Chambers & Partners, 2021
"Recent work includes immigration fraud, historic sexual offences and armed robbery cases"The Legal 500, 2021
"She’s able to thoroughly master the brief, even in difficult circumstances. She manages witnesses and families with calm professionalism in traumatic situations."Chambers & Partners, 2020
"A very good, very sound practitioner."Chambers & Partners, 2019
"Prosecutes and defends in serious sexual offences, murder and fraud matters."The Legal 500, 2019
"She works hard for the defendant, making sensible admissions where possible, and is tenacious in cross-examination."Chambers & Partners, 2018
"A personable and effective advocate."The Legal 500, 2017
"She fights her clients’ cases with skill and charm."The Legal 500, 2016


  • Category 4 Prosecutor for the Northern and South Eastern circuits
  • Rape Panel Member
  • Level 3 Specialist Fraud Panel (CPS)
  • Serious Fraud Office (SFO) Counsel: Panel member
  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers
  • Female Fraud Forum
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