Regulatory Law

representing individual and corporate clients

Our members have substantial experience defending individuals and companies in regulatory law matters before professional tribunals or the First-tier Tribunal (General Regulatory Chamber) and above.

What distinguishes us from other regulatory barristers specialising in regulatory work is that clients will benefit from our skills and experience as criminal advocates.


Many professions are regulated by professional standards boards and codes of conduct.

These codes of conduct can be subject to frequent change and are becoming more demanding and sophisticated and, in some cases, opaque.

If a regulatory agency believes that offences have taken place, they have broad powers of investigation. They can conduct inspections, seize documents, compel suspects to answer questions, conduct interviews under caution, serve statutory notices, and take enforcement action, including prosecution.

If you need help, our regulatory law barristers can provide legal support and representation.


Our members specialise in many areas of regulatory law, including:

  • Professional Discipline
  • Regulatory Prosecutions

We can assist with regulatory bodies, including:

– The Financial Services Authority
– The Health and Safety Executive
– Food Standards Agency
– The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
– Environment Agency
– HM Revenue & Customs


Contentious regulatory law work often requires a robust defence, strategic advice and preparation, and skilful cross-examination of witnesses.

The lack of hard-fought trial experience in some regulatory practitioners means that the witnesses may not be put under the degree of sustained pressure in cross-examination that the client is entitled to and expects.

We believe that any individual or corporate entity facing a serious regulatory law accusation is entitled to the same robust defence as a defendant in a criminal case. The consequence of a false regulatory accusation can be just as damaging and life-changing as a false accusation of a criminal offence.

Professionals can be vulnerable to malicious complaints. The only way to tackle these successfully is to use the skills honed in the criminal courts to uncover false accusations.

We understand that these cases often cross over between criminal, civil, regulatory and disciplinary proceedings.

We are also very aware of both the commercial and emotional impact these cases can have on clients and have a lot of experience supporting our clients through the challenges.

We are also well-versed in working with insurers, unions and defence organisations. The regulatory law team includes trained mediators and members with experience working within the City and in-house with regulators.

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