Chaynee Hodgetts FRSA


A criminal defence and inquest practitioner, with a reputation for looking at cases differently, and her focus on each client as an individual. Previously spent over a decade as a Law Lecturer specialising in Crime, Evidence, Media Law and Inquests.

Chaynee specialises in:

  • Defence Crime
  • Inquests (including maritime, mental health, medical, and Higher Education inquests)
  • Forensic Science

Ms Hodgetts practises predominantly in Crime and Inquests. Her further sub-specialisms include forensic science, maritime criminal law, maritime inquests, medical and mental health inquests, and Higher Education inquests.

Prior to practice, Ms Hodgetts spent over a decade as a University Law Lecturer and academic, teaching Criminal Law, Evidence, and Media Law, working as Law Admissions Tutor, and as Director of an Innocence Casework Unit. Having been a member of Middle Temple since 2012, Ms Hodgetts was Called to the Bar in 2019. Before lecturing, she was a Deck Rating in the Merchant Navy. She is Honorary Lecturer in Criminal Law (Law Department), and Honorary Lecturer in Medicine: Medical Law (School of Medical Sciences) at Bangor University. She is also Co-author of Smith, Hogan and Ormerod’s Essentials of Criminal Law (from 2021/22), and Features & Opinion Editor of Solicitors’ Journal. She maintains her strong connections with North Wales and continues to develop her practice in both London and Wales (accepting instructions in both areas, and nationally).

Chaynee regularly writes in the solicitors journal.


Criminal Defence

R v FA (2021): Not Guilty verdict at trial for alleged assault of an emergency worker: Offence not made out. Police actions were also found to be potentially unlawful.

R v PP (2021): Not Guilty verdict at trial for alleged assault(s) of SIA security guards and criminal damage.

R v NC (2021): Case discontinued at court by the Prosecution, part way through trial for alleged assault of an emergency worker and drunk and disorderly: Prosecution offered no evidence after Defence cross-examination of Police Officer showed the account was inconsistent with CCTV (which had been played to him in court).

R v CC (2021): ABH reduced to common assault at court by the Prosecution on day of trial, then Client acquitted of two such charges. Restraining Order successfully opposed.

R CWC (2022): Not Guilty at trial on two charges of assault by beating. Restraining Order on acquittal successfully opposed.

R v PD (2021): Case discontinued at court by the Prosecution on harassment.

R v MR (2021): Case dismissed at court (No Case to Answer) on stalking.

R v A Youth (2022): Case discontinued at court by the Prosecution by lunchtime on Day 1 of a 2-day trial on assault with intent to rob.

R v TD (2022): Case discontinued at court by the Prosecution, on the morning of trial, on possession of an offensive weapon in a private place (“Zombie knife”).

R v PL (2022): Case dismissed at court (No Case to Answer) on a “second strike” possession of a bladed article in a public place, after it came to light that the BWV showed a sign saying “private property”. A charge of going equipped was discontinued at court by the Prosecution at a previous hearing (same counsel).

R v AA (2021): Case discontinued in full in all courts on PWITS cannabis, after the Client was detained and produced in the Magistrates’ Court in error on matters for which he was already due to be tried in the Crown Court. All matters discontinued.

R v KM (2021): Case discontinued by the Prosecution after First Appearance on aiding, abetting, counselling and procuring a person disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving licence to drive a motor vehicle.

R v LM (2021): Charge of driving with BZE (cocaine) over specified limit withdrawn at court by the Prosecution, leaving sentence on driving while unfit through Δ-9-THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabis), and exceeding temporary speed restriction.

R v KBW (2021): Case discontinued at court by the Prosecution on driving with drugs in excess of the prescribed limit (Δ-9-THC).

R v HK (2021): Case discontinued at court by the Prosecution on driving with excess alcohol (no plea entered until the Prosecution were able to produce EBM printout, and MGGD papers), and TDA/TWOC (taking vehicle without consent). Plea (resulting in a fine and licence endorsement) on driving otherwise than in accordance with valid licence and driving with no insurance.

Experienced in drafting and making applications to stay a case as an abuse of process in the Magistrates’ Court. Also experienced in successfully applying to vacate Guilty plea, and withdraw consent to summary trial (Magistrates’ Court).

Protest cases: Multiple cases (ongoing) of representing protesters and campaigners, including Extinction Rebellion (XR) and MBR Beagles campaigners.

Drug testing: Multiple instances of Prosecution offering no evidence and/or testing being called into question upon challenge.

Bail breaches: Strong track record of successfully defending bail breach, and/or securing release on bail on the same conditions.

Previous experience of CCRC work as a Director of a University Innocence Casework Unit, reviewing serious crime cases where a miscarriage of justice had been alleged. including murders and attempted murders, including the CCRC application for Jordan Cunliffe:



Re IWL (2017): Inquest (voluntary mental health patient): Issues raised with the Health Authority on A&E out-of-hours provision. Changes made to policy by the Health Authority on police officers’ access to psychiatric wards. Represented the family at inquest.

 Re MBJ (2017): Inquest (voluntary mental health patient): Changes made to policy by the Health Authority on A&E out-of-hours provision. Also examined police practices for searching for vulnerable adults. Represented the family at inquest.

Re SLB (2019): Application for a fresh inquest under Attorney-General’s Fiat (inquest then voluntarily granted by the Coroner): Secured inquest 25 years on, after the death was certified by a hospital, following errors in medical treatment (signs of Acute Tumour Lysis Syndrome (ALTS) missed, and Potassium administered when contraindicated). Represented the family at Pre-Inquest Hearing (PIH) and inquest.

Case received national press coverage:

Re MTF (2021): Inquest into the death of a Cardiff University student, following the automatically generated issue of an inaccurate “degree fail” exam transcript.

Successfully applied for Cardiff University to give evidence at, and become party to, the inquest, and represented the family at Pre-Inquest Hearing (PIH) and inquest.

Resulted in a Regulation 28 Preventing Future Deaths report:, and a statutory response from Cardiff University:, followed by a public apology.

Case received international press coverage:

Client Support

  • Autism Awareness Certification (Autism Wales)
  • Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence (Sheffield University)
  • Identifying & Responding to Domestic Violence in Pregnancy (Coventry University)
  • Women’s Health After Motherhood (Trinity College Dublin)
  • Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence (Bangor University)
  • Unconscious Bias Training (Bangor University)
  • Suicide Prevention Training (Zero Suicide Alliance)
  • Suicide Prevention in the Global Context (Glasgow University)
  • Managing Difficult Behaviour: Developing Young People’s Behaviour (Fairbridge)
  • Facilitation, Participation & Group Dynamics (Fairbridge)
  • Safeguarding Children (multiple qualifications)
  • Safeguarding Adults: Level 3 training (ongoing)
  • Understanding ADHD (King’s College London – ongoing)
  • Professional Diploma in Counselling (ongoing)
  • Professional Diploma in Counselling for Adolescents (ongoing)
  • Professional Diploma in Counselling for Sexual Abuse (ongoing)
  • Professional Diploma in Relationship Counselling (ongoing)
  • Professional Diploma in PTSD Counselling (ongoing)
  • Professional Diploma in Counselling for Anger and Aggression (ongoing)
  • Professional Diploma in Depression Counselling (ongoing)
  • Professional Diploma in Addiction Counselling (ongoing)
  • Professional Diploma in Counselling for Suicidal Clients (ongoing)
  • Professional Diploma in Counselling for Grief and Bereavement (ongoing)

Forensics & emergency work

  • Violence and Aggression Management Qualified (All-Wales Passport Training: Modules A, B & C)
  • ACT Action Counters Terrorism Awareness Certified (NaCTSO)
  • Effective Questioning for Call Handlers (UEA)
  • GDPR UK Essentials and Cybersecurity Awareness (iHASCO).
  • Level 1 Forensic Science & Fingerprints (OU)
  • Introduction to Forensic Sciences (University of Strathclyde)

Maritime and maritime law

  • STCW 95 Merchant Navy Qualified: Proficiency in Medical Care; Medical First Aid at Sea; Elementary First Aid; Advanced Firefighting; Fire Prevention and Basic Firefighting; Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats; Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities; Personal Survival Techniques.
  • Merchant Navy Steering Certificate: Experienced in helming (steering) ships of 50 tonnes and 688 tonnes (GRT).
  • RYA Certificates: Day Skipper (Theory); Level 1 Sailing; Competent Crew; Marine Radio Operator; National Powerboat Certificate (Level 2 Coastal, having previously trained up to and including Commercial Certificate).


"Chaynee’s vast knowledge of criminal law and procedure is matched by a commitment and determination to get into the detail of every case."Professor David Ormerod CBE KC, Deputy High Court Judge, and Editor-in-Chief of Smith & Hogan and Blackstone's Criminal Practice.


  • Honorary Lecturer in Law: Law Department, Bangor University (after over a decade lecturing)
  • Honorary Lecturer in Medicine (Medical Law): School of Medical Sciences, Bangor University
  • Lecturer in Law for Pre-Hospital Emergency Medics (MSc Emergency & Resuscitation Medicine): Centre for Trauma Sciences, Blizard Institute, QMUL
  • Lecturer in Law for Medical Students: MBBCh: C21 (Bangor University)
  • Co-Author: Smith, Hogan and Ormerod’s Essentials of Criminal Law (from 2021/22)
  • Lay Adviser: Teaching & Learning and Examinations: Royal College of Pathologists
  • Features & Opinion Editor: Solicitors Journal
  • Member: Peer Review Panel, International Journal of Emergency Services (IJES)
  • OU Law School Employability Mentoring Scheme: Professional Mentor
  • Member: The Honourable Society of Middle Temple
  • Fellow (Fast-Track): The Royal Society of Arts (FRSA)
  • Member: INQUEST Lawyers’ Group
  • Member: Criminal Bar Association
  • Member: The Society of Legal Scholars
  • Member: Nautilus International
  • Member: University and College Union (UCU)
  • Member: Zumba Instructors’ Network (ZIN)
  • Instructor Training: Yoga, Pilates, and Barre (ongoing)
  • Professional Diploma in Sports Psychology (ongoing)
  • Member: UK Coaching
  • Member: Bar Yacht Club
  • Member: The Women’s Institute (WI)


Academic Publications

Fluent English and French, and competent Welsh. Passed North Wales Fire & Rescue Service Firefighters’ Welsh Test (Level 2). Learning (in any spare time!) Italian, Irish, Russian, Gaelic, Hebrew, Polish, Arabic, Greek, and Latin.

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