Andrew Alty


Andrew Alty exclusively defends in all types of grave and major cases that includes homicide cases, serious and complex organised crime, drugs and firearms. He also appears in cases that involve substantial fraud and financial crime, including money laundering. Specialisation in relation to disclosure, unused material and phone evidence.


Homicide and Corporate Manslaughter

R v ZP – Preston Crown Court. Multiple defendants stabbing and hacking to death rival in relation to drugs.

R v JPJ – Liverpool Crown Court. Shooting to death of drug rival following “turf war” over large-scale supply of A class drugs.

R v RB – Liverpool Crown Court. Murder of youth over theft of a motor bike.

R v DG – Stafford Crown Court. Murder of drug rival having travelled from Liverpool to Shrewsbury to supply drugs within the “territory” of the deceased.

R v Z – Manchester Crown Court. Machine gun murder of drug rival. Acquitted.

R v RB – Liverpool Crown Court. Stabbing to death of 17 year old youth as a consequence of his theft of a moped. Case against RB rested exclusively upon phone evidence and cell siting placing, it was alleged, RB at the scene of the murder and thereafter in contact with co-accused. Cell siting challenged on the basis that assertion of presence at the scene was misconceived and failed to take into account multipath propogation causing scattering and diffraction of serving coverage, as a consequence of which the prosecution were unable to rule out the defence alibi that he was in his home at the time of the murder. Prosecution offered no evidence on day 5 and defendant acquitted.

R v PD – Liverpool Crown Court. Organised kidnapping and torture of drug rival. Involved the deliberate and enforced crashing of a car to effect the kidnapping and transporting the victim from the scene to be tortured.

R v RB – Liverpool Crown Court. Kidnapping and torture of a rival. Included the disguising of perpetrators as Police eOfficers in order to effect an “arrest” and therefore imprisoning and torturing the victim.

R v JM and others – Birmingham Crown Court. Organised and planned kidnapping of wealthy individual who was believed to have deprived organised crime gang of significant sums of money obtained from criminal activity. The kidnapping was planned from Switzerland and Carrie doubt near the home of the victim, with offenders dressed as police officers. Victim tortured over several days to repay large sums of money.

R v DA – Liverpool Crown Court. Lengthy and protracted surveillance of DA (defendant one) and others. Alleged to have conspired to arrange for large amounts of pre-cursor material for large scale supply of synthetic drugs in the North West. Disclosure issues concerning authorisation of surveillance and true purpose of it with particular emphasis on Regulation of Investigatory Powers act 2000 section 17, and exclusion of matters from legal proceedings. Prosecution abandoned the case against DA.

R v DM – Preston Crown Court. Large scale supply of heroin and cocaine in the North West. Large scale money laundering as a consequence. Significant surveillance and telephony evidence. Defendant acquitted of principal charge.

R v RS and others – Manchester Crown Court. Large scale Money Laundering and VAT Fraud through criminal activity. Acquitted of principal charge.

R v SD – Liverpool Crown Court. Large scale drug dealing nationwide with transportation of drugs via North and South routes.

R v JF – Liverpool Crown Court. Significant drug importations over period of time being flown into remote locations and thereafter transported around the north of England.

R v MS – Shrewsbury Crown Court. Considerable amount of heroin and cocaine flown into remote airport on a private plane over period of many months. Drugs thereafter transported to the North of England and distributed. Acquitted.

R v CW – Chester Crown Court. Importation of significant quantities of heroin and cocaine through road transportation via Germany and France. Transportation via coach journey and thereafter to the North West of England.

R v UH and others – Preston Crown Court. Conspiracy to possess firearms with intent to cause fear of violence. Two separate shootings at residential properties in East Lancashire on two separate dates, alleged to be as a consequence of monies owed and drugs feud (Class A). UH alleged to have been the organiser of both shootings, the first whilst he was in prison serving a sentence for possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence, the second whilst he was released on licence for that offence and from within Probation premises. Evidence against UH based primarily on phone contact with alleged shooter on each occasion and intended victim of the first shooting. Acquitted.

R v CA and others – Liverpool Crown Court. Conspiracy to possess firearms with intent to endanger life and Conspiracy to possess prohibited firearms. Alleged organised crime gang from Liverpool, sourcing firearms from Manchester with the intention of using them to protect drugs supply network in and around the Liverpool area. Acquitted.

R v ZJ – Preston Crown Court. Conspiracy to Rob and Conspiracy to Possess Firearms with Intent to Cause Fear of Violence. Alleged conspiracy between ZJ (first defendant) and others to commit a robbery at a dwelling known to have multiple firearms, falsely imprisoning a mother and 2 children, assaulting and threatening the mother and children to obtain code to safe housing the firearms, acquiring those firearms and then distributing them, it was alleged, into Liverpool. Acquitted.

R v DA – Manchester Crown Court (Crown Square) – Conspiracy to possesses firearms and supply the same. DA (first defendant) obtaining a firearm with an intention of using it in relation to a gangland killing in which he was said to have been another target and a close associate of the first victim.

R v UH – Preston Crown Court. Conspiracy to Possess firearms with intent to cause fear of violence. Gang related tit for tat violence over drugs leading to shootings at respective homes of gang associated members.

R v BT – Manchester Crown Court (Crown Square) – gang related violence involving series of shooting between two prominent gangs based in Manchester, involving the acquisition of firearms, traveling long distances as part of a “hit squad” and carrying out shootings on behalf of other gang members.

R v JB and others – Liverpool Crown Court. Gang related shootings over period of 2 years motivated by protection of drugs business that covered both the North West and South East of England. Involved the obtaining of numerous firearms and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) to enforce territorial gain.

R v JPJ – Liverpool Crown Court. Gang related shooting resulting in the murder of MH whilst he was sat in his car. The shooting was arranged in order to exact revenge over a “turf war” between two sides relating to the large scale selling of Class A drugs.

R v AB and others – Birmingham Crown Court. Conspiracy to possess a firearm with intent to endanger life. Alleged arrangement by AB to obtain a firearm to shoot at another male who had assaulted an associate of AB. Acquitted of principal count.

R v PH – Liverpool Crown Court. Possession of a firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence. The pre-arranged obtaining of a firearm whilst under surveillance for serious drugs offences.

R v RS – Manchester Crown Court. Large scale money laundering and VAT Fraud covering a period of 10 years. Trial lasting several months. Acquitted of principal charge.

R v IH – Liverpool Crown Court. Large scale fraud involving conspiracy to evade Excise Duty, Money Laundering. Commercial importation of illicit tobacco into the UK over period of 18 months with an estimated value several million pounds.

R v AU (and others) – Birmingham Crown Court. Large scale fraud and money laundering concerning the movement of £120 million of criminal property through Money Exchange Bureaus. The allegation was that the monies were sourced from large scale drugs operations and transferred through the international banking system and then filtered out of the country.

R v MJ – Preston Crown Court. Shooting way into the home of a wealthy landowner. Tied up, assaulted and access gained to a gun cabinet. Removal of several firearms, ammunition and large amount of cash. Travelled to and from the scene in stolen cars later burnt out.  Guns and ammunition never recovered. Acquitted.

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