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As a member of the Bar of England and Wales since 1994 (and called to the Bar of Northern Ireland) Dan Jones is known for his “no-nonsense” approach to cross-examination, his clarity with clients, and his persuasive advocacy. Believing that preparation wins cases, he has a keen eye for detail, through an often-noted ability to maintain his focus, and that of those around him, on the real issues in a case.

Dan has extensive experience as a leading, led and sole junior, advising, and now primarily defending in the whole spectrum of criminal cases (i.e. general and serious crime, Homicide, offences of serious violence, firearms, drugs offences, terrorism, sexual offences, confiscation, restraint & asset recovery proceedings, commercial crime and fraud, money laundering, and road traffic offences).

Beyond criminal law, he has a business background (which makes him an ideal lead lawyer in fraud cases and particular expertise in social security, child support law, and regulatory work.

As well as accepting both private and publicly funded instructions in England Wales and Northern Ireland, Dan can accept direct access work.


Civil Fraud

Dan is currently representing a principal Defendant in a multi-billion pound case alleging the setting up of a number of false companies in order to disguise other criminal activity, to defraud HMRC and in order to secure large loans and other financial services.

Other cases of note include:

Carey and Others (Liverpool Crown Court) – Allegations of Fraud (and Money Laundering) relating to a multi-million pound scheme of false selling of advertising space in magazines purporting to be linked to the emergency services.

Varia (Leamington Spa Crown Court) – The fraudulent selling by employees of heating equipment belonging to their employers.

Ahmed (Central Criminal Court) – Extensive multi-million pound insurance fraud based on “cash for crash” claims.

Yousif (Sheffield Crown Court) – Represented first Defendant in multi-million pound fraud (funding terrorism) relating to a number of companies set up to defraud the LEA by completing dishonest citizenship tests.

Smith and Others (Kingston Crown Court) – Junior Counsel for first Defendant in multi-million pound pension fraud prosecuted by the SFO.  Case resulted in largest confiscation order made to date which was subsequently reduced on appeal in which Dan represented the Defendant alone.

Vasey and Others (Liverpool Crown Court) – Leading Junior in multi-million pound VHCC  VAT fraud in which Dan represented one of the principles.

McCarthys Foods (Inner London Crown Court) – Fraud concerned the collapse of a well-known prepared food manufacturer, and further fraud upon creditors and the Official Receiver.

Money Laundering

Experience includes representation in:

Tottle and Others (Croydon Crown Court) – Leading junior counsel in 6  month VHCC case. Allegation of money laundering of proceeds of drug dealing (millions of pounds) over several years.

Yusoof and Others (Croydon Crown Court) – Leading junior counsel for first defendant in large-scale operation resulting from a number of illegal activities.  Proceeds said too be the multi million pound source of terrorist funding.

Dominguez and Others (Southwark Crown Court) . Junior counsel for main defendant in large-scale money laundering case. VHCC case involving the laundering of the proceeds of the largest Class A drugs ring (originating in Columbia) on record.


Cochrane and Others (Liverpool Crown Court) – GBH with Intent following kidnap and torture of a rival drug dealer.

McGrath and Others (Preston Crown Court) – Armed Robbery of Firearms at a private house. Victims were mother and children. Additional allegation following a shooting incident and a search of the house at which it occurred leading to charges relating to drugs and firearms offences.

Henry and Others (Manchester Crown Court) – Multi-handed gang violence. Allegations included shooting offences, kidnap and serious violence towards rival drug family. Case involved large amount of unused material and detailed disclosure disputes.

Rooke and Others (Sheffield Crown Court) – Represented the first Defendant in a widely reported case concerning the keeping of and violence towards a “domestic slave”.  The victim was vulnerable, kept in a garage, beaten and regularly abused.  Case received national attention resulting in an AG reference which Dan successfully opposed (the then AG doing the appeal himself).

Wang and Others (Inner London Crown Court) – Leading junior counsel in case alleging “triad” kidnap, torture and extortion.  One of the victims was raped, the other tortured (including a saw being used to remove part of his leg), whilst money which was said to be owed was extorted from a family in China.


Dan has extensive experience having acted in a wide range of cases alleging the possession and use of Firearms. This experience includes

Webb and Others (Liverpool Crown Court) – Represented Defendant charged with maintain and keeping an arsenal of Firearms for a major Organised Crime Group in Liverpool.  Firearms (including sub-machine gun) had been used in a number of gang related attacks in the area.

Mchale and Others (Liverpool Crown Court) – Leading Junior Counsel for Defendant in a widely publicised case alleged to have possessed, transported and supplied a number of Firearms as part of an Organised Crime Group concerned with the use of explosives and firearms in protection of a drugs business.  The Defendant was a high risk prisoner of notoriety within the area.

Hodge and Others (Liverpool Crown Court) – 5 month case concerning an allegation of possession with intent of firearms (used in gang warfare and an earlier murder).  The central issue for the Defendant concerned DNA and firearms residue.

Keating and Others (Liverpool Crown Court) – Widely reported case concerning a conspiracy to cause explosions to and then burgle ATMs in the Midlands, Cheshire and North-West. Dozens of ATMs were blown up. The first case of its kind anywhere in the UK.

Hassell and Others (Central Criminal Court) – Allegations concerned a number of armed robberies of banks/building societies across Essex and an attempted murder of a bystander (used as a shield to enable escape).


Dan is currently acting in two ongoing VHCC drug cases alleging the supply and importation of billions of pounds worth of class A and B drugs. His other experience includes:

Pope and Others (Liverpool Crown Court) – Large Scale Drug Supply and Production throughout the North of England, allegation centred on the use of “Encro” devices.

Sabbagh Parry and Others (Liverpool Crown Court) – Leading Junior counsel for the  first Defendant in the 5 month case concerning large scale Class A drugs Supply across England and Wales.  Allegation centred on use of “spoof” telephones and numbers.

Riley and Others (Liverpool Crown Court) – Allegation of supply of Class A and B drugs.  Successful defence relying on disabilities of the Defendant and Modern Slavery.

Henao and Others (Birmingham Crown Court) – Leading junior counsel in conspiracy to import cocaine (said to have been valued at 1 billion euros) from Columbia.  Defendant was tried with Knaggs which led to a widely reported appeal (in relation to disclosure).

Dan has led, acted alone and been led in a number of homicide cases.  He is currently instructed in a high-profile murder (and two further attempted murders of different victims) in a case in Liverpool.

Other cases of particular note include:

Murphy and Others (Liverpool Crown Court) – represented the principal Defendant in a case concerning a gangland execution.

Toohey and Others (Exeter Crown Court) – represented the first Defendant in a case concerning the attempted murder of the head of a rival drug gang.

Henry and Others (Liverpool Crown Court) – Junior Counsel for principle Defendant in a revenge killing in Manchester.  Case involved vast amounts of cell site and technical evidence in relation to data recovered of what was said to have been planning for over a year – the victim being tracked in his movements, and the execution time chosen.

Stanislawski and Others (Central Criminal Court) – Leading Junior Counsel for a Defendant charged with Murder following a drunken brawl in the City of London.

Dearman and Others (Sheffield Crown Court) – Junior Counsel for a youth charged with a number of murders resulting from a revenge arson attack.  The Defendant set fire to a homeless shelter following one of the residents drunkenly abusing his Mother.

Willett and Others – (Central Criminal Court) – Defendant charged with murder by running over the victim following a robbery.  A reported high profile case (a number of Crime Watch appeals).

Kenny and Others (Liverpool Crown Court) – Multi- handed killing (by failed shooting and then stabbing) of a rival drug supplier.

Represented over a dozen defendants facing rape allegations [2003 to present]. Issues ranging from consent to complete denial of intercourse. Of particular note, a case alleging a number of rapes by a youth (when he was aged between 11 and 14) of a victim (under the age of 11), and a matter where the defendant was a well known pop star

Other experience includes:

Romig and Others (Central Criminal Court) – Allegations concerned a nationwide paedophile ring which gave rise to the sentencing authority of R v Baldwin [2002] (EWCA Crim 2766).

Dan is currently advising and reviewing in several matters, and has previously appeared before the Court of Appeal, in a number of cases in which he was not involved at first instance. This representation has resulted in the reduction of the sentences imposed and the successful overturning of convictions.

Examples include:

Advice and successful conduct of Criminal Appeal (when not counsel at first instance), giving rise to the authority of Pommell [1999] Crim.L.R. 576 (similar fact and bad character prior to CJA provisions).

The successful opposition to a reference conducted by the Attorney General himself (application for an extended sentence and/or longer term of imprisonment) – Rooke and Others

Dan has acted before a number of tribunals including the Social Security and Child Support Appeal Tribunals (for both the Government and Claimants), the Social Security and Child Support Commissioners, the Immigration Appeal Tribunal, the Parole Board, Employment Tribunals, and for the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Child Support Legislation is a particularly specialised and complicated area of law and Dan is able to fully advise in all areas from correct assessments and calculation of maintenance, to appeals to the CSA, CSA Tribunals and Commissioners. Dan has had particular success in the area of Child Support Appeal Tribunals (e.g. F v CSA and S [2014] before the Blackpool Tribunal).


  • The Professional Conduct Committee
  • VHCC Appeals Committee
  • The Criminal Bar Association (UK)
  • Criminal Bar Association (Northern Ireland)
  • Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers
  • Public Access Bar Association
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