Benjamin Knight


Benjamin Knight is a distinguished and accomplished barrister, renowned for his exceptional abilities and extensive experience in tackling some of the most intricate and severe criminal cases. He frequently offers expert advice on high-profile cases involving homicide, manslaughter, firearms offences, gang violence, significant organised crime, drug trafficking and importation, human trafficking, and the most severe cases of wounding, causing grievous bodily harm, rape, and sexual assault.

Ben’s notable expertise in the Modern Slavery Act and the operation of the National Referral Mechanism render him an in-demand legal professional. He has delivered influential lectures and talks on the subject, both individually and in collaboration with other top-tier experts in the field.

As leading counsel, Ben has participated in numerous high-level cases, demonstrating experience both alone and led in the Court of Appeal and High Court. Unfazed professionally, he frequently defends against two-counsel prosecution teams (silk and junior) while presenting highly persuasive arguments that have earned praise from judges and opponents alike.

In 2022, Ben delivered a highly influential argument in the so-called “CTLs judicial review”, the outcome of which was eagerly anticipated by all criminal lawyers and the Government – particularly for its impact on the CBA industrial action.

Additionally, Ben possesses remarkable expertise in IT evidence, boasting a level of technical knowledge that sets him apart from many legal practitioners. His well-known ability to cross-examine experts in multiple forensic fields often leads to his involvement in complex cases.

Ben’s skill set also encompasses military law, where he has successfully represented service personnel in courts-martial, earning the admiration and respect of military discipline staff, whilst unafraid of asserting his independence from the Armed Forces in cases where there is a systemic failing from them.

His experience in conducting jury/Article 2 inquests and more routine inquests further adds to his value as a legal team asset.

Furthermore, Ben is a trailblazer in the legal community for his efforts in establishing the LGBTQIA+ Law Clinic. This initiative reflects his dedication to ensuring marginalized communities receive top-tier legal representation.

Ben is a strategic legal professional whose skills and expertise are highly valued in his field. His experience and legal acumen make him the ideal choice for clients seeking the very best legal representation.



Thank you so much for all the hard work that you and your pupil did for us! – IS: Crown Court Trial (Historic sexual offence)

Absolutely brilliant. Amazing. Couldn’t get better. Chuffed! – Jamie Jones: Crown Court Trial (Serious violent crime)

We cannot thank you enough for the all the support given to us as a family. Thank you. – JC: Client & Family (Sexual offence)

Ben’s computer expertise is exceptional and, in my case, it was crucial. Thank you so much. – SM: Lay client charged with sexual offences

Mr Knight is absolutely brilliant at what he does and he always goes the extra mile in his profession. His attention to detail and legal knowledge is incredible & I feel he really cares about his clients including myself when he represented me. – Michael Browne: Courts-Martial

I am writing this short paragraph just to say thanks for everything Mr Ben Knight has done for me…if it wasn’t for Ben my life would have been finished I went through a very difficult time over these last 6 months and I appreciate all the bail applications even though the first and second application didn’t go through…Ben still tried his hardest for me to prove my innocence. I am so thankful to him and to my solicitors who stuck by me and fought for me. I appreciate everything you have done for me and for treating me like a normal human being and not judging me even though I was on serious charges. Thank you so much; you don’t understand how happy I am to finally have another chance to make my life better for mine and my family’s sake. I most definitely will be telling people if they need a barrister to definitely come to you. – Faisal Hussain: Crown Court Trial Defendant

I would like to thank my legal team. They are amazing and I would recommend them to everyone. Once again, thank you for your great service. – DB: Crown Court – Attempted Murder – Acquittal

I recently instructed Mr Benjamin Knight in respect of a Client facing separate indictments containing multiple counts of Making, Possessing and Distributing Indecent Photographs of Children. Mr Knight was identified as Counsel due to his level of experience and expertise both legally but with the additional factor of experience and knowledge in the world of IT. From the outset Mr Knight was approachable and readily available to provide clear and concise advice and guidance both in relation to legal issues but importantly in relation to technical issues regarding computers and associated software. The Client and his family were of good character and the Criminal Justice System was completely alien to them. Mr Knight guided them through the process in a calm and reassured manner making himself available on multiple occasions for case conferences. I would not hesitate to recommend instructing Mr Knight in any future matter and in particularly allegations where there is an element of IT/software based evidence. – Kevin Liston – Crime Partner at Russell and Russell (IIoC and Extreme Pornography)


Criminal Defence

Pre – 2020, the nature of Ben’s practice included murder, industrial-scale drugs importation, fraud conspiracies, familial sexual assault, firearms conspiracy within a gang context, rape, domestic abuse, GBH, confiscation, firearms possession, child cruelty, digital images and historic sex allegations.

R v F (2021) – Very complex familial incest case.

R v M (2022) – Multi-complainant historic youth sexual abuse.

R v X (a child) (2022) – Rape and machete attack case involving complex witness issues.

DPP v Crown Courts at Bristol and Manchester (& others) [2022] EWHC 2415 (Admin) – the highly-anticipated CTLs judicial review that was heavily-reported in national press.

R v M (2021) – Unusual kidnap and “torture” case involving children used in a modern slavery context.

R v K (2021) – A youth modern slavery case receiving media attention.

R v L (2022) – Youth modern slavery.

R v JM (2022) – Multi-trial county lines operation.

R v JW (2020) – Successfully defended a young man charged with Attempted Murder.

R v X (2020) – Murder.

R v S (2021) – An unusual domestic murder involving aspects of desecration and very sensitive mitigation.


R v H (2020) – Successfully defended a man charged with possession of an imitation firearm with intent. Included successful submissions for the inclusion of the complainant’s background of criminal activity.

R v A (2021) – Firearms conspiracy case.


Drug Trafficking

R v P (2022) – Operation Blue Lancelot. Huge drug trafficking case.

R v L & R (ongoing) – vast scale drugs importation conspiracy (VHCC) (leading Anthony Williams).

X v Z (a political party in England & Wales) (2022] – An action under both Human Rights Act 1998 and the Equality Act 2010. Successful settlement post-issue and pre-trial.

Inquest into the death of Paul Williams (2020) – Leading Counsel (leading Mark Pritchard) representing the family of the deceased in an Article 2 jury inquest. Successfully argued for an open narrative conclusion instead of suicide of misadventure.

Inquest into the death of Paul Corness (2020) – Representing the family of the deceased. Successfully argued against a conclusion of Unlawful Killing. Described by officers as the most catastrophic RTA they had ever investigated.


  • Criminal Bar Association Member
  • LGBT+ Lawyers Division member
  • LGBTQ+ Law Clinic lead
  • Founder, presenter and producer of Northpod Law which ran for for ten years and was unique at the time of its inception.
  • Various media appearances in the UK and USA
  • Member of Legal Sector Workers United (LSWU), an arm of trade union United Voices of the World (UVW)
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