If you have recently been convicted or sentenced for a crime but wish to appeal against your conviction, seeking expert legal advice and representation from a highly skilled appeals barrister should be your first move.

With decades of experience, our set of criminal appeals barristers recognises the impact that a wrongful conviction can have on a person’s life.

Whether it’s a conviction for a minor offence or a life-changing prison sentence, taking action as soon as possible is essential.

Why Choose Libertas Chambers For An Appeals Barrister?

Libertas Chambers is a national leader in all areas of criminal conviction appeals, and members of chambers practice in all appellate tribunals.

Our barristers regularly appear in the Court of Appeal and frequently appear in landmark cases.

We appeared regularly in the Supreme Court and formerly in the House of Lords. Our counsel has been involved in significant cases in the Supreme Court, including R v Jogee [2016] UKSC 8, Gale v SOCA [2011] UKSC] and R v Maxwell [2010] UKSC 48.

In addition, many of our barristers have highly specialised areas of expertise. They are continually sought out to advise and appear in niche and unusual cases. It is not uncommon for complex matters to be referred to us for specialised appellate work after the conclusion of a trial. Certain members of Chambers also have discrete appellate practices.

How Our Criminal Appeal Barristers Can Help

Members of Libertas Chambers advise on old or concluded matters and will recommend new applications to the Court of Appeal or the Criminal Cases Review Commission. We have a history of high-profile success in this area. Chambers also has an international appellate dimension. Our barristers continue to advise on international human rights challenges and Privy Council appeals.

We provide advice and representation in the following areas:

  • Regulatory and licensing appeals.
  • Appeals from the Magistrates’ Court to the Crown Court.
  • Appeals to the High Court by way of Case Stated and Judicial Review.
  • Appeals against Conviction & Sentence from the Crown Court to the Court of Appeal Criminal Division.
  • Appeals to the Supreme Court.
  • Applications to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), where an appeal has already failed.

Chambers’ excellent team of counsel, particularly those specialising in terrorism, fraud and homicide cases are well placed to advise and appear in these cases at every level, bringing their extensive appellate experience and defence driven commitment to appellants who seek expert assistance as a result of an error in law or procedural unfairness.

All our appellate barristers can provide expertise suited to the demands of a criminal appeal, including:

  • Expert advice as to the merits of the appeal;
  • Drafting applications for permission to appeal, including notices of appeal, grounds of appeal, applications for permission to appeal and legal submissions in support of an appeal;
  • Advice and assistance in the collection of witness evidence and expert evidence in appeal proceedings;
  • Expert advice as to required and recommended documentary evidence in support of an appeal;
  • Checking of documents to ensure compliance with strict procedural requirements;
  • Representation by specialist appellate barristers at court hearings.

How Can I Get Legal Advice About Appealing A Criminal Conviction?

Often you can instruct a barrister directly to advise on appeal, or you can instruct a solicitor who will usually work with a barrister. Our clerks are experts in advising on the next steps.
Our Appellate Barristers have the experience to give expert advice on whether or not you have arguable grounds for appeal against a conviction and/or sentence.

Upon instruction and receipt of the documentation, our appellate barristers will prepare written advice on the merits of an appeal. If an appeal is arguable, draft grounds of appeal will be produced and lodged with the appropriate Court.

If leave to appeal is not granted, appeal barristers, in appropriate circumstances, can renew your application for leave to appeal.

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