Professional Discipline

Regulatory Law

Professional discipline is a growing area of work for Libertas.

We have several members who are established specialists in this field with particular expertise in accountancy, healthcare and police work.

We also have several members with experience in sports regulatory work acting in anti-doping, safeguarding and misconduct cases.  All of our professional disciplinary barristers come from a background in criminal practice meaning they are all very experienced advocates and advisers.

Professional Disiplinary Proceedings

We understand how sensitive professional disciplinary proceedings can be and the emotional impact upon our clients facing allegations.

Careers and professional reputations are at stake.  Our Barristers have extensive experience representing clients in complex and serious cases with a strong track record in achieving successful outcomes and saving careers.

We work with the leading defence organisations, unions, insurers and solicitors. Many of our members can also accept direct access instructions working directly with a client facing professional disciplinary proceedings. We work very closely with our clients in the preparation of defences and presentations at hearings.

Why Choose Libertas Chambers?

Our team includes members with experience chairing police disciplinary tribunals, case presenting & legal advisor work with healthcare regulators, chairing sports regulatory panels and heading the disciplinary team with an accountancy regulator.

We have members on Sports Resolutions Pro Bono Panel acting pro bono for athletes in safeguarding and anti-doping cases. One of our members sits on the Bar’s disciplinary tribunal dealing with barrister misconduct cases.

This breadth of experience within the team enables us to offer a specialist service to all of our clients focused upon a detailed understanding of the disciplinary process and sanctions, focused & sensible advice, effective case management and the highest standards of advocacy representing our clients at hearings.

For further information and to discuss your specific needs do not hesitate to speak to senior clerk Marc King.

We look forward to working with you.

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