Dangerous Driving Case Discontinued

After disclosure of previously undisclosed evidence.

Published: 27th September 2023

Chaynee Hodgetts, instructed by Jeremy Newell and the team at Criminal Defence Solicitors, secures the discontinuance of the case against a defendant charged with allegations of dangerous driving after his 4×4 truck collided with a car following a confrontation.

Ms Hodgetts acted for the defendant in this case, having taken it on as a return shortly before the original listed trial – when she vacated the original trial listing, in order to expand upon the defence proposed (duress of circumstances and self-defence), and to seek more disclosure.

The disclosure request in the refined Defence Statement led to the Prosecution disclosure to a previously undisclosed piece of police BWV footage, revealing a cache of weapons in the Complainant vehicle. This then led to a s.8 application for further disclosure, and the Prosecution serving a further dossier of disclosure and reviewing the case. This ultimately led to the case being discontinued by the Prosecution the day before the new, relisted, trial.