Judicial Review

Civil Litigation

Many decisions are made by a number of public bodies during a suspect’s or defendant’s journey through the Criminal Justice system. These will include Police decisions made during a person’s arrest and detention; CPS decisions whether and what offence to charge, Legal Aid Agency decisions about whether to grant a Representation Order, Judicial Decisions to grant arrest warrants, freezing orders, or search warrants for example. In addition, a person’s treatment in custody post sentence is littered with decisions that are capable of challenge through the Courts.

Equally, decisions made by regulatory bodies and tribunals are also capable of successful challenge.

Public Law applications are increasing in their number and complexity, and members of chambers have experience of challenging decisions that are made by Courts, the Crown Prosecution Service and HM Prison Service.

Members of Chambers have also been instructed to draft applications for permission, pursuant to Part 54 of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR), in accordance with the CPR Practice Directions. The relevant form (N461) and skeleton arguments can also be settled by Counsel at Libertas Chambers. Applications for funding can also be drafted in complex cases.

Members of Chambers will also advance oral argument in support of permission for leave and at substantive hearings before the High Court and The Court of Appeal.

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