Libertas Chambers - A Leading Set In 2023

Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners 2023

Published: 20th October 2022

Libertas Chambers are delighted to announce that our clerking team and 15 of our Barristers have been ranked in the latest editions of the Chambers & Partners and Legal 500 directories.

Head of Chambers Simon Csoka KC had the following to say “In Libertas Chambers’ second year together and in what was a very tough year for the criminal defence bar, we are delighted to see many of our silks and juniors ranked as leading practitioners in Crime, Financial Crime / Fraud, and Professional Discipline. We congratulate them all and also acknowledge the many achievements of all of our other members over the last 12 months together with the hard work of our clerking team.”

Director of Clerking Marc King adds “We are a modern vibrant Set combining a modern business approach with the best traditions of the Bar. Libertas continues to move forward with the recent recruitment of further Silks and juniors.”

Libertas thanks all those who provided such positive assessments and congratulates all our clients, partners and colleagues who have also been ranked.

Libertas Chambers – Leading Set – Crime & Financial Crime – View Chambers & Partners profile

Individual Ranked QCs & Juniors

  • Simon Csoka QC –  Ranked in: Crime, Financial Crime – View Chambers & Partners profile
    “Simon is excellent. He is really clever and thinks outside the box.”
    “His written work is fantastic.”
    “Simon is a go-to silk. He has a brain like a computer and it is a joy to work with him.”
    “A man with a brain the size of a planet, he is fearless and will stand up to judges when no one else will.”
    “He is great with difficult clients as he has a very calming influence on them and can deal with people from all strata of society.”

    Legal 500 – Crime – Tier 1
    ‘Simon is a truly exceptional advocate. Probably the finest exponent of the art of cross examination on any circuit in England and Wales. Frighteningly bright, masters complex briefs very easily and has a chair side manner that never fails to impress both professional and lay clients. Easily one of the finest criminal and regulatory silks in the country.’
  • Leonard Smith QC – Ranked in: Crime, Financial Crime – View Chambers & Partners profile
    “A ferocious advocate with great gravitas, who’s brilliant in court.”

    Legal 500 – Crime – Tier 3
    ‘Leonard is relentless in his case preparation to ensure that when he gets to his feet to advocate in court he can delivery the best possible case for his client.’
  • Adam Kane QC – Ranked in: Crime, Financial Crime – View Chambers & Partners profile
    “Juries warm instantly to the elegant manner in which he puts his case.”
    “Adam works hard, communicates with his clients and is able to foresee the legal landscape.”
    “Adam can spot the details of a case. He captivates juries.”
    “He gets to the heart of the issue quickly and makes very persuasive closing and opening speeches.”
    “He is a very well-established and highly regarded silk in financial crime. He does some of the biggest cases and is an excellent advocate.”
    “An excellent practitioner who puts his clients at ease. He expertly deciphers complex evidence and leaves the client in no doubt as to what the case against them is.”

    Legal 500 – Crime – Tier 4 & Fraud Tier 3
    ‘Adam is a great legal mind and strategist. His knowledge of the facts and the evidence in the case may only be surpassed by his knowledge and command of the law. ‘
    ‘Adam is an incredibly erudite courtroom performer. His greatest asset is his way with words. He is charming in front of a jury but firm with witnesses when firmness is called for. He is always well-prepared and often spots arguments that others have overlooked.’
  • Siobhan Grey QC – Ranked in: Crime – View Chambers & Partners profile
    “Very hard-working and persuasive. She is technically gifted and calm under pressure.”
    Legal 500 – Crime – Tier 4
    ‘Siobhan is open-minded, methodical, meticulous and scientific in her approach to forensic evidence.’
  • Felicity Gerry QC – Ranked in Crime – View Chambers & Partners profile
    “A wonderful fighter with an extraordinary intellect, she’s very efficient and very good with clients.”
    Legal 500 – Crime – Tier 3
    ‘Felicity is a leading expert on the law of joint enterprise who commands respect from judges as to the correct framework to now be applied.’
  • Keith Mitchell – Ranked in: Financial Crime – View Chambers & Partners profile
    “Keith is extremely personable and good at putting clients at ease. He is also a strong jury advocate.”
    Legal 500 – Fraud – Tier 3
    ‘Keith is an excellent all-round barrister – he is good with clients, pro active and attentive to instructing solicitors, top quality advocacy and very persuasive written work.’
  • Roxanne Morrell – Ranked in: Crime – View Chambers & Partners profile
    “Extremely conscientious and meticulously professional.”
  • James Walker – Ranked in: Crime – View Chambers & Partners profile
    “A very bright individual who is particularly good at any case involving huge reams of paperwork.”
  • Gerard Hillman – Ranked in: Crime, Financial Crime – View Chambers & Partners profile
    “Gerard is really approachable and has brilliant client care skills. He is a go-to for financial crime matters.”
    “Gerard has very good client skills. He is an extremely able lawyer who is very realistic and has great judgement.”
    “He’s highly experienced and knows how to keep even the most fraught case from going off the rails.”
    “An outstanding barrister for major crime cases.”

    Legal 500 – Crime – Tier 3 & Fraud Tier 4
    ‘A seriously accomplished counsel, Gerard is formidable, intellectual and a strong advocate. He has an excellent courtroom presence and is a strategic thinker.’
  • Darren Snow – Legal 500 – Professional Discipline & Regulatory – Tier 4
    “Darren has appeared in a number of complex cases for nurses before the NMC in the last year alongside work chairing several high-profile police disciplinary tribunals.”
  • Marie Spenwyn – Ranked in: Crime – View Chambers & Partners Profile
    “She is meticulous, methodical and very proactive, thinking about the trial from the word go and doing the very best for her client.”
    “A tough opponent who is one of the most organised barristers out there.”
  • Frances Hertzog – Ranked in: Crime – View Chambers & Partners Profile
    “She’s an effective cross-examiner who’s calm under pressure.”
    “Very committed and extremely patient with difficult and vulnerable clients.”
  • Matthew Lawson – Legal 500 – Crime Tier 4
    ‘Matt is extremely approachable, responsive and clients love to have him on their side. His client care skills are exceptional’
  • Ayaz Qazi – Legal 500 – Crime – Tier 4
    ‘Ayaz is, without the least hesitation, a class act. His approach to cases is based on excellent preparation and thoroughness to the extent of minute detail.’
  • Oliver Cook – Ranked in: Crime – View Chambers & Partners profile
    “He is well received by clients of every stripe and is extremely approachable.”

    Legal 500 – Crime Tier 4
    ‘Oliver is a brilliant barrister who can inspire juries to deliver positive verdicts for his clients in the most demanding cases. He is the barrister that you need on your side when you are in trouble.’

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