Prison Law & Parole

Public Law and Human Rights

Prison Law and Parole Barristers provide expert advice and advocacy in Parole Board, judicial review and internal adjudication issues.

At Libertas Chambers, we have a dedicated team of silks and junior barristers with extensive knowledge and expertise in this complex area of law, including those prisoners affected by the system of imprisonment for public protection.

Individual members of our prison law team have expertise in related fields, including crime, human right and public law, enabling them to take an holistic approach to advice and representation.

Parole Board

Parole Board oral hearings may cover a range of issues such as access to courses, challenges to a sentencing plan, reassessment, and release.

Our counsel can assist with legal issues and any necessary expert evidence.

As experienced prison lawyers, they will be able to provide strategic advice on the process of an oral hearing in advance as well as identify any potential challenges to management or supervision reports as well as appear in the hearing to provide expert advocacy, which may make the difference between a refusal, release or transfer to open conditions.


Adjudications are disciplinary hearings held within prisons to investigate alleged breaches of prison rules.

Our barristers can provide expert representation and advice to help individuals navigate the adjudication process and achieve the best possible outcome.

Judicial Review

The option of judicial review is a complex area of public law where our barristers provide expertise on the lawfulness of a decision or action taken by a public authority, such as a prison or a Minister including in a petition for mercy.

Why Choose Our Prison Law Barristers?

Choosing Libertas Chambers’ prison law barristers means choosing expert legal advice and representation from a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in this complex area of law.

We understand the impact imprisonment can have on individuals and their families, and we are committed to providing expert legal services with a human touch.

Our barristers have a proven track record of achieving the best possible outcomes for prisoners, whether through negotiation or advocacy.

We pride ourselves on providing practical, effective, and timely solutions, and we are dedicated to respecting the human rights and dignity of prisoners throughout the legal process.

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