Tax Tribunal

Civil Litigation

When representing individuals and companies before the First Tier Tribunal and Upper Tier Tribunal, we are able to draw upon our many years of expertise in defending in many of the most serious and complex HMRC criminal tax prosecutions

Our expertise involves dealing with VAT, CIS and Duty proceedings. It is often the case now that HMRC choose to go down the route of proceedings before the FTT rather than the criminal courts. Our many years of success in uncovering disclosure failures by HMRC in MTIC cases gives us a tremendous advantage when a robust defence is required.

We are skilled at dealing with cases which in some instances have hundreds of thousands of documents. We play key roles in multi-disciplinary teams with solicitors, forensic accountants and other experts. Our background of robust and skilful criminal advocacy can give clients the edge when there are serious factual challenges to be made before the FTT.

Equally, we understand the commercial reality of some of these proceedings and are adept at helping to negotiate settlements when that is in the best interest of our client.

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