Extended sentences for terrorists

Published: 30th December 2020

What is the position following the Court of Appeal decision in Connor Scothern v Regina and the Divisional Court decision in R (on the application of Mohammed Zahir Khan) v Secretary of State for the Justice Department?e completely painless, it is designed to allow individuals in financial difficulty to have their debts discharged, reduced or compromised and to start again with a, relatively, clean sheet.

In May 2020, Gerard Hillman and Sarah Day published a paper entitled “Fishmonger’s Hall and Streatham Hill: Effective reform of the law on terror or political soundbites?” That paper highlighted the apparent lacuna that had developed for those under 18 at the date of commission of their offending. In this paper, they consider the effect of two legal challenges brought against the operation of s247A Criminal Justice Act 2003.

Gerard and Sarah represented Connor Scothern during his trial at Birmingham Crown Court and during the subsequent proceedings before the Court of Appeal.

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