Gulam Ahmed secures acquittals for a man charged with supporting proscribed terror groups.

Published: 12th January 2024

Kieran Brockhouse (KB) had been charged with two counts of supporting terror groups: the Ulster Defence Association and the Ulster Freedom Fighters. KB had flown flags for these groups outside his house on two occasions in 2021 and 2022 and uploaded them to social media.

KB’s case was that he was a member of the Orange Order who march on 12th July to commemorate the Battle of Boyne wearing bowler hats and white gloves as a mark of respect and peace. The flags were purchased in Ireland and flown innocently and not out of any intention to express support or invite support for the proscribed groups.

The defence relied on the fact that KB did not know the groups had been proscribed and since the Good Friday Agreement signed in April 1998, thought the groups seized to exist. The jury acquitted KB of all charges.

Gulam Ahmed had been instructed by Mohammed Naser of M&N Solicitors- Serious Crime and Fraud specialist.