Siobhan Grey QC successful representation of Patryk Pachecka and Grzegorz Szal

Unanimous acquittal for counts of murder and manslaughter at the old bailey

Published: 25th November 2021

Patryk Pachecka and Grzegorz Szal, have been unanimously acquitted of Murder and Manslaughter after a trial at the Central Criminal Court.

Patryk Pachecka has now been reunited with his family in Gdansk, Poland.

Both men were convicted of Murder in December 2017 and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 18 years, while the killer escaped responsibility.

Their convictions were overturned in January 2021.

The way the evidence was presented at Trial 1 in 2017 was significantly different from how it was presented in 2021 at the retrial after painstaking efforts by Mr Pachecka’s legal team to uncover the truth.

Investigative journalists based in Poland working for TVN media uncovered critical information about a co-defendant who misled the first jury about his character status.

There was fresh pathological and scientific evidence led by pathologists based in Northern Ireland and Germany, respectively, Professor Crane, Dr Buschmann and blood expert, Joanne Millington.

Throughout the appellate process and subsequent proceedings, Patryk Pachecka and his legal team have been supported by the Polish Consulate and the Miscarriage of Justice Organisation, INSIDE JUSTICE.

Patryk Pachecka was represented by Siobhan Grey QC and Richard Vardon and instructed by Jason Lartey of Lartey and Co.

Siobhan Grey QC specialises in Homicide cases and is reading for a Diploma in Forensic Medicine.