Caution order secured in 58-day NMC midwifery misconduct case

'Chronic Failings' within the Trust contributing to tragic outcome

Published: 22nd November 2021

Darren Snow, instructed by Thompson’s Solicitors, represented midwife JG in fitness to practice proceedings before the Nursing & Midwifery Council concerning the care and tragic death of a baby on a high-risk delivery unit going back to November 2013.

JG and 4 other midwives faced multiple allegations in respect of their respective care and treatment over the course of several shifts to an expectant mother where the baby died soon after birth.

The case commenced in January 2020 and went part-heard, with various hearings – finally concluding in November 2021, taking some 58 days in total spread over 20 months.

The case had gone through an internal investigation by the NHS Trust, a police investigation and an inquest before the case reached the NMC.

Evidence at the hearing revealed systemic failures within the Trust with chronic understaffing and deployment of newly qualified and inexperienced midwives onto a high-risk unit, together with failures by registrars also on duty – all combining to play significant parts in the tragic events that unfolded.

Evidence established that Darren’s client had managed her own high-risk patients on her shift with care and skill. Expert evidence during the hearing also revealed significant failings in training on CTG interpretation within the midwifery profession.

Darren’s client was found to not be impaired on clinical grounds.

The outcome was a 12-month caution order for Darren’s client, based solely upon public interest findings which the panel emphasised enabled her to continue in unrestricted practice as a midwife.