Webinar Video: Developing the Current Law on Complicity, AKA “Joint Enterprise"

Published: 1st March 2023

We recently held a webinar on The Best Way to Develop the Current Law on Complicity, AKA “Joint Enterprise”. In the wake of the 7th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling in R v Jogee [2016], Dr Felicity Gerry KC & Professor Matthew Dyson (Corpus Christi College, Oxford) consider the current substantive law of complicity, and where it could be improved.

Presented by Dr Felicity Gerry KC and Professor Matthew Dyson

Felicity is well known for leading in the UK Supreme Court in R v Jogee and for defending cases involving issues of complicity in homicide, terrorism and international crimes. Matthew was a defence expert in R v Jogee. He made a leading contribution to the correction of the error of law and is widely published in the field. This webinar presents his recent research into how to regulate liability in complicity with greater legitimacy.


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