Murder Conviction Appeal Reopened

Siobhan Grey QC Acted For the Appellant in St Kitts

Published: 31st March 2022

Despite appealing to the Court of Appeal, the accused’s conviction appeal was abandoned on the day of the Appeal in 2006.

Siobhan Grey QC instructed by Saul Lehrfreund at the Death Penalty Project – who are committed to providing access to justice and addressing miscarriages of justice – sought to reopen the appeal against a murder conviction and argue three grounds of appeal before the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court –

1. failure to call alibi evidence;

2 The Summing Up failed to highlight specific weaknesses in the ID evidence and

3) a failure to leave a two limb good character direction to the jury for a man of good character

The Court ruled that the Appeal against a conviction for murder could be reopened and the Court reserved Judgement on the substantive appeal.