Defendant Accused Of Fraud

against the Grenfell Tower and relevant charities

Published: 15th February 2024

Grahame James was instructed on behalf of David Caplin at Cunninghams Solicitors, to represent a man accused of fraud against the Grenfell Tower and relevant charities after the terrible fire that destroyed so many lives.

After a hard fought trial all three defendants were convicted but fortunately Grahame was able to convince the Learned Judge to suspend the inevitable prison sentence against his client, based on the respective roles of the parties and the fact that he and his partner had two young children, and the lenient but merciful course was to allow him to return home to raise the children and keep some semblance of a family environment .

His partner was imprisoned, but he was permitted to return home to take care of their young children.

A silver lining in an otherwise tragic case.