Libertas Barrister Secures Acquittal on 'Joint Enterprise Murder'

Dr Felicity Gerry QC Successfully Defends Client

Published: 18th July 2022

Felicity’s young adult client was acquitted of murder and attempted murder at Bradford Crown Court on Thursday 14th July 2022.

The prosecution had alleged that there was a joint plan to exact revenge after an attack upon her client’s friend.

The jury convicted three in the group, one as principal in murder and wounding with intent and the others as secondary parties in manslaughter.

It was accepted by the prosecution and obvious from the CCTV footage that her client had no weapon and chased nobody.

However, the judicial directions set out the prosecution case based on an inference that he jumped out of a car and stood in the road so that relevant people knew he was there and by doing so, his actions encouraged and were intended to encourage the principal offender to carry out his attacks.

Plainly by the verdicts, the jury rejected the prosecution case theory that Felicity’s client was part of a plan to attack and they must also have concluded that he did not encourage any such conduct at the scene. This is a case that demonstrates the value of precision on how a case is put and the effort that needs to be exerted to properly reach not guilty verdicts.

You can read more about the case here, but it is important to note the sentencing remarks do not reflect Felicity’s client’s case:

We also ask you to bear in mind there have been some dreadful racist comments in relation to this matter on social media. Felicity takes the issue of race in the criminal justice system very seriously. You can read her article on race and joint enterprise.

Felicity led Sanjeev Sharma of Equity Chambers and was instructed by Ali and Co Solicitors in Bradford.