Dr Felicity Gerry QC recommends that Telenor Group and M1 Group suspend the $multi-million proposed sale of Telenor’s subsidiary in Myanmar, while they conduct suitable due diligence and allow for adequate scrutiny of the deal.

Published: 24th March 2022

Felicity and junior Daye Gang were instructed by the Australian Centre for International Justice (ACIJ) on behalf of the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) to consider the consequences of the sale of communications company Telenor Myanmar, a subsidiary of Telenor Group (Telenor), a Norwegian company where the Norwegian state has a majority shareholding, to Burmese company Shwe Byain Phyu through its initial sale to Lebanon-based M1 Group.

The memo was delivered to both the CEOs and Boards of Directors of Telenor and M1 Group, to Norway’s Minister of Trade and Industry, and published publicly.

The memo captures the business and human rights issues that arise for multinationals engaging and investing in telecommunications in Myanmar.

Read more here https://www.somo.nl/norway-and-telenor-could-be-held-responsible-under-international-law-for-human-rights-abuses-resulting-from-myanmar-deal-legal-experts/