Jon Anders - Acquittal for the allegation of murder

Published: 29th March 2023

CCC – SA – Murder (Retrial – January 2023)

The defendant, a man of good character, accepted that as a result of a bizarre set of circumstances he had mistakenly assumed that an innocent pedestrian may have taken his friend’s phone when they were both out one night in central London. The defendant confronted the victim and the following altercation with him resulted in his fall to the pavement causing him to sustain catastrophic injuries from which he died 6 months later.  

The defendant accepted that he caused the victim to fall and pleaded guilty to unlawful act manslaughter, however the Prosecution tried him for murder. The first trial resulted in a hung Jury but the retrial resulted in an acquittal for the allegation of murder. After the conclusion of the second trial the defendant’s father who had attended throughout the two trials said;

Jon Anders is a fantastically talented barrister with an eye for detail and a phenomenal memory, second to none. He works tirelessly for his clients and is empathetic and approachable at all times. Having Jon on your side is a very definite plus and an enormous advantage”.

The solicitor was Ms Kerry Spence at Hodge Jones & Allen.


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