Dapinder Singh KC


A highly professional, dedicated and results driven Barrister, displaying a solid track record.  Dedicated to get an in-depth insight into each client’s needs to achieve their objectives, regardless of jurisdiction or complexity, working on a rich mix of multi-jurisdictional high value cases.  Representing large corporates and high net worth individuals.

Has significant experience of HMRC prosecutions and the regular prosecutorial failings with such cases. Advised on prosecutions including VAT (including MTIC), CIS, Film Schemes, and aggressive tax planning schemes.  Advised on a number of significant matters from COP9 stage.

Commenting in the media on significant legal issues including the BBC, Radio 5 and the Times. 


Business Crime

R v Watson – Appeared in the Cayman Islands defending the former Treasurer of the Cayman Islands Football Association before the now Chief Justice. The defendant was accused of involvement in corruption, false accounting, and money laundering from the Confederation of North, Central America, and Caribbean Football Associations (CONCACAF).  The investigation was instigated after the Vice President of FIFA and President of CONCACAF was the subject of a highly publicised arrest in Zurich.

R v Salah – A large scale time share fraud with over 5,000 victims involving complex legal issues and complex multi jurisdictional financial chains from Russia, Seychelles, Tenerife, St Vincent, Grenadines, Latvia, Switzerland, Spain, the UAE and Isle of Man.

R v Oakes & Others – A Mortgage Fraud and Money Laundering operation involving a large organised crime gang linked to Dale Cregan.  Significant sums of money originating from the sales of drugs were ‘cleaned’ through multiple companies in which professional advisors were involved.

R v Toor & Others – Large scale VAT fraud involving the importation and onward sale of alcohol.  A history existed where a co-defendant was repeatedly targeted by HMRC for a number of illegal operations.  Significant disclosure issues were surfaced leading to the case collapsing.

R v Palmer & Others  – Large scale money laundering operation which was multi jurisdictional in nature involving currency exchange bureaus.  Significant number of transactions needing careful analysis, most involving moving large sums out of the jurisdiction.

R v Cooper & Others – Money laundering and VAT fraud involving the steel industry. A sophisticated manipulation of weight bridge transactions and subsequent ‘cleaning’ of the funds through legitimate businesses.

R v Dawson & Others – Large Scale Crash for Cash Insurance Fraud split into multiple trials due to the size of the fraud, number of incidents alleged and number of defendants.  A highly organised and sophisticated operation making detection difficult by the defendant’s operating in small cells and adding highly credible details to each incident.

R v Singh & Others – Large scale Immigration Fraud using a complex methodology operating successfully for a number of years before its discovery through random checks and searches.

R v Stringer & Others – Price fixing case involving the galvanised steel tank market.  Significant interest from the Competition and Markets Authority due to the small number of suppliers in the market.  Further, the galvanised steel tanks were used in fire suppression systems, creating a significant public interest.

R v Lewis & Others – Carbon credits involving multiple governments leading to multi jurisdictional cooperation and an investigation into a £2 billion corruption case.

R v Yousaf & Others – Establishment and operation of a significant number of VAT registered companies on behalf of which false claims were submitted for the repayment of VAT.

R v Purdie & Others – £220 Million mortgage fraud involving over 2,300 mortgage applications with multi jurisdictional issues involving banking institutions in the USA.

R v O’Neil & Others – Large scale publishing fraud involving the emergency services and a highly organised call centre and multi company’s to legitimise operations.

R v Farrugia & Others – Large scale mortgage fraud linked to organised crime.

R v Tomlinson & Others – Large scale VAT fraud utilising numerous company which were VAT registered and high jacking VAT numbers of legitimate businesses to reclaim VAT fraudulently.

R v Mohammed & Others – Large scale insurance fraud

R v Bottomley & Others – Large scale cigarette and alcohol fraud involving importation of such items without payment of duty.

R v Chatfield & One Other – Large scale pet food fraud

R v Bibi & One Other – Large scale NHS procurement fraud using a web of company’s to exploit the procurement procedures of the NHS to make financial gain by supplying through company’s owned by the defendant’s.

R v Bell & Others – News International hacking case

R v Parker & Others – Large scale IT procurement fraud

R v Sundaresan – Representing doctor for overbilling using the QOF system.

R v Nicholas & One Other – Livestock fraud.

R v McCarthy & Others – Representing solicitor in a mortgage fraud involving numerous transactions and an organised crime group.

R v Hill & Others – A large scale tax fraud involving corporation tax, income tax and VAT in the building sector.  The fraud centered around the CIS scheme.

R v Pickles & Others – Large scale insurance fraud

R v Hartley & Others – Large scale money laundering operation linked to a mortgage frauds

R v Davies & Others – Money laundering and deception matters

R v Taylor & Others – International money laundering allegation

R v Nelis & Others – Large scale VAT fuel fraud.

R v Khalid & Others – Mortgage fraud, tax evasion and money laundering allegations.

R v Barlow & Others – Steel fraud involving a high profile steel conglomerate.

R v Cartledge & Others – Money laundering operation linked to a drugs conspiracy .

R v Murphy & Others – £220 Million MTIC fraud involving a complex web of company’s, high jacking company identities and creating offshore entities to bypass HMRC detection.

R v Treanor & One Other – Large scale tax fraud orchestrated by the business owner in an attempt to make significant reductions in the tax liabilities for the corporate.

R v Henry & Others Sophisticated money laundering set up with several high value linked operations

R v Egan & Others – Large scale mortgage fraud manipulating several banking application processes demonstrating a highly planned operation.

R v Smith & Others – DVLA fraud

R v Moate & Others – £19 million counterfeit currency case

R v Deerin & Others – £15 million procurement fraud linked to Network Rail and major PLC’s.  The case exposed significant gaps in the procurement procedure that major corporates had in the development and maintainance of the rail network.

R v Bagnall & Others – A large scale mortgage fraud facilitated by professional advisors.

R v Iqbal & Others – Money laundering operation involving large scale money transfers to Jamaica using MoneyGram.

R v Bramham & Others – Large scale identity fraud involving 02, hijacking customer accounts and ordering new items on those accounts. A highly organised fraud.

R v Gjoshi – Large scale production and supply of cannabis operation.

R v McNeil Daniel – Encrochat drugs supply case.

R v Pogmore & Others – Misconduct in a Public Office

R v Shennan & Others  – Large scale operation importing cutting agents for a £100 Million cocaine operation

R v Griffiths & Others – Large scale supply of drugs both wholesale and resale

R v Strachan & Others – Large scale supply of drugs at street level

R v Schofield & Others – Large scale drugs conspiracy with an international dimension

R v McGlone & Others – Sophisticated operation to import class A drugs

R v Veira & Others – Drugs ‘taxing’ case

R v Hodgson & Others – Drugs importation case involving £30 million worth of cannabis

R v Atkiss & Others – Drugs conspiracy involving supply nationally

R v Ellery & Others – Large scale supply of drugs both wholesale and resale

R v Nguyen & Others – Large scale cannabis ‘farming’ case

R v White & Others – Multi-national importation and distribution of cannabis

R v Whittaker & Others Large scale conspiracy to supply class A drugs

R v Agboola – 13 handed murder trial lasting 7 months involving a drugs ‘turf’ war.

R v Yanbak – Defendant charged with 5 shootings stemming from a ‘turf’ war.

R v Lewis – A youth charged with murder along with 10 other defendant’s who assaulted and murdered another teenager.

R v Conlon – A murder of the defendant’s father.

R v Heiss – Diminished responsibility murder.

R v Boulton – Diminished responsibility double murder.

R v Beech & Others – Manslaughter involving the issue of self defence

R v Fletcher & One Other – Murder involving the issue of self defence

R v Murphy – Murder involving the issue of diminished responsibility

R v Unwin & One Other – Murder defending an individual who had a previous conviction for murder

R v Fensome & Others – Murder involving a group assault

R v Mason & Others – Murder involving a group assault and disposal of the body

R v Hunt & Others – Murder involving a group assault

R v Heiss – The defendant was charged with murdering his mother and had to be extradited from Spain where he was serving a term of 22 years for a further murder

R v Heald – The defendant was charged with multiple rapes and murder

R v Dowling & Others – The defendant was charged with recruiting and ordering the killing of her partner

R v Gerrard – A professional boxer charged with murder

R v Fishlock – Sexually motivated murder

R v Shariff & Others – High profile honour killing

R v Hodgson – The defendant was charged with the murder of his wife

R v Ings & One Other – Defending an 18 year old male suffering from Klinefelter’s syndrome, alleged to have murdered a prostitute

R v Hussain & Others – A multi-handed murder allegation

R v Mills – The defendant was charged with the murder of his brother

R v Askham – Defence of a woman charged with murder of her neighbour

R v Wesley – The defendant was charged with murder after having attacked an unknown male outside a public house

R v Pashley – A murder case involving issues of “fitness to plead” and schizophrenia

R v Loufimpou & Others – Attempted murder allegation of a rival gang member


"He masters a complex brief very quickly and picks out the flaws in the prosecution’s case."Legal 500
"He has a strong track record of high-value cases. "Legal 500
"Very able and, above all, a great communicator. "Legal 500


  • Appointed Kings Counsel by the KC Appointments Commission.
  • Appointed a part time judge sitting in the Crown Courts to preside over criminal cases by the Ministry of Justice.
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