Operation Grapevine

Jonathan Page Leads Fahrid Chishty Defending Multi-Million Money Laundering Conspiracy

Published: 3rd May 2022

Jonathan Page and Fahrid Chishty have concluded a twelve-week trial at Southwark Crown Court, representing a client charged with conspiracy to money launder.

The client was alleged to have conspired to money launder in connection with the Essex and London Properties (“ELP”) Ponzi scheme, which between 2015-2018 defrauded 806 investors out of a total of £13.7million. Investors were led to believe their investments in a distressed properties redevelopment programme would deliver an 8% annual return, but their monies were instead dissipated via personal and company accounts including overseas in the UAE and Asia.

The trial drew on the evidence of more than 120 witnesses and involved detailed forensic accounting and financial analyses. Jonathan and Fahrid were instructed by Amjad Hasan of Khans Solicitors.