Kosovo Specialist Chambers

Joint Criminal Enterprise in international law

Published: 24th February 2021

This article considers the application of Joint Criminal Enterprise in international law and how it might be applied in the Kosovo Specialist Chambers

Felicity is admitted to the lists of counsel in the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC) in the Hague.

She is a Specialist in appellate and trial advocacy for serious and complex national, transnational and international individual and corporate crime.

Regularly called upon to handle serious, complex and sensitive matters, often with an international element her cases and advisory work often involve international or human rights issues, including genocide, torture, terrorism, biosecurity, illegal logging, modern slavery and other major international crime.

She has a particular interest in the law of complicity having led the appeals in R v Jogee [2016] UKSC 8 and similar appeals in Hong Kong and Australia.

She brings her expertise in joint criminal enterprise to international proceedings including by leading an intervention in the ICTY on JCEIII. She is the Editor of ANZSIL Perspective and Professor of Legal Practice at Deakin University, teaching Contemporary International Legal Challenges โ€“ topics include War Crimes and terrorism.

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