Financial Crime & Pregnancy In Prison

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Published: 28th January 2022

This event has ended. To view the webinar again, head to this article where we have included the video.

This webinar presents the research of expert Dr Lucy Baldwin on the shocking circumstances for pregnant women in UK prisons, particularly for non-violent offences, following the tragic case of Louise Powell. We consider the experiences of women who are pregnant and suitable for alternatives to custodial sentences and the international and domestic legal issues on punishment and human rights.

Presented by Dr Felicity Gerry QC and Dr Lucy Baldwin

Felicity is well known for her 4 year project on Women in Prison for Lexis Nexis and for taking sentencing appeals for mothers involved in financial crime. Dr Lucy Baldwin is a Senior lecturer in Criminology based in the Community & Criminal Justice Division of the Health and Life Sciences faculty at De Montfort University. Lucy’s research focuses on the impact of maternal imprisonment on mothers, children, and their wider families.

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Financial Crime & Pregnancy In Prison Webinar

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