Darren Snow successful in overturning 2-year driving ban at Lincoln Crown Court

Published: 16th August 2023

Darren Snow, instructed by Mayfair Solicitors, represented his client ED at his recent appeal against conviction and sentence at Lincoln Crown Court in respect of convictions for 4 separate s.172 RTA offences.

The Defendant had not been represented in the magistrate’s court. The magistrates court imposed a total of 24 points on his driving licence leading to a 2-year driving ban with fines and costs of nearly £3000. Darren’s client had a disabled daughter and worked as a driver so the impact upon his work and family was very serious. Following Darren’s submissions at court and negotiations with the prosecution, the case was resolved with a single conviction for one offence of s.172 – that meant 6 points and no disqualification from driving. The fine was reduced as a single offence to £180 with no prosecution costs imposed.

Darren also secured a defence costs order from central funds on the basis of a successful appeal against conviction and sentence.