Criminal Justice Responses to Maternal Filicide

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Published: 6th October 2021

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This webinar presents recently published research that reveals, through an analysis of cases, that women suspected of killing their newborn children are some of the most vulnerable in society and that infanticide is not just a historical issue but one that has modern implications. Women are less likely to commit a violent crime, but maternal-infant homicide is an enduring form of offending that needs to be understood in a wider social context. We will discuss legal, policy, and gender issues that arise in criminal justice and the implications for legal professionals when women are suspected of killing newborn children or harming foetuses.

Presented by Felicity Gerry QC and Dr Emma Milne

Felicity Gerry QC is well known for defending mothers, including those accused of homicide and endangerment offences in relation to their young children. Dr. Emma Milne is Assistant Professor in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice at Durham University Law School. The focus of her research is the social, legal, and cultural controls and regulations of all women. She is currently looking at attitudes and perspectives held by legal professionals to women suspected of causing the death of their infants. Her project is funded by the BA/Leverhulme Small Grants.

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