Dr Felicity Gerry KC is a member of the ART NOT EVIDENCE campaign mentioned in the Times Law section.

Published: 5th December 2023

Dr Felicity Gerry KC is a member of the Art Not Evidence campaign mentioned in the Times Law section today.

The Art Not Evidence mission is to fight for a fairer criminal justice system by advocating for a restriction on the use of creative and artistic expression as evidence in criminal trials.

The group is collaborating with musicians, community groups, and human rights organisations to campaign for law reform and promote the decriminalisation of rap music and creative expression more broadly. The hope is to create a more equitable and inclusive society that respects the freedom of artistic expression for all.

In broader terms Felicity has explained in our webinar on the use of rap music in criminal trials creates an unfair focus on character and culture rather than any individual contribution to a crime which risks unsafe verdicts.


Read about Art Not Evidence and the open letter to the Secretary of State for Justice here https://artnotevidence.org/our-mission/

Read the Times Law article by Catherine Baksi article here https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/concern-over-use-of-drill-music-in-court-d229p00ng