Art Law, Cultural Loss, Organised Crime, Corporate Responsibility and the Digital Market Place

Published: 25th April 2022

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Art Law, Cultural Law and Terrorism

This webinar presents the research of Dr Jonathan Harris from his edited collection Terrorism and the Arts Practices and Critiques in Contemporary Cultural Production

We will also discuss contemporary legal challenges in the context of terrorism and art and also consider art law in the context of cultural loss in transnational and international law.

Presented by our Dr Felicity Gerry KC and Fahrid Chishty and Dr Jonathan Harris: Felicity is experienced in law on accountability for destruction of cultural heritage and organised crime involving the trafficking of antiquities and has been instructed in a complex historic matter involving reparations for cultural loss. Dr Harris (BCU) is an expert on Globalization and Contemporary Art and Fahrid specialises in organised crime and has published on the systematic erasure of historic Armenian heritage.

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Art law, cultural loss, organised crime, corporate responsibility and the digital market place

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