Andrew Turton


A specialist in criminal defence with a country-wide practice in all areas of serious crime, in particular:

  • Sexual Offences
  • Defence Crime
  • Homicide
  • Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery
  • Business Crime


Business Crime

Over many years Andrew has dealt with cases of murder, manslaughter and death by dangerous or careless driving. He has a particular interest in cases involving expert evidence in relation to vehicle dynamics and accident reconstruction.

R v Lee and Others, Southwark CC: Leading counsel in a conspiracy to cheat the revenue representing the accountant for a football club who was acquitted after a five-week trial.

R v Njie and Others, Southwark CC: Representing a representative from an embassy accused of tobacco revenue fraud being operated from the embassy on a major scale. Of the eight defendants she was the only one to be acquitted after a seven-week trial.

R v Bhattia and Others, Southwark CC: Five-week VAT fraud. The Defendant was convicted in his absence.

R v Mbaeri and Others, Southwark CC and Central Criminal Court: Representing the insider bank employee in a banking fraud. Hung jury in the first trial at Southwark CC but convicted on re-trial at CCC.

Andrew has been instructed in a range of organised crime group cases all over the country and he has great experience of the evidence gathering methods used by the police and prosecuting authorities in such cases including telephone evidence, cell site analysis and ANPR evidence. Such cases have involved the importation and supply of drugs, kidnapping, blackmail and human trafficking.

R v Henderson and Others, Chester CC: County lines Class A drugs conspiracy to supply.

R v Sarkhan and Others, Sheffield CC: Acquittal of kidnapping/false imprisonment. Guilty pleas to class A drugs supply.

R v Wilkinson and Others, Lincoln CC: Class A drugs conspiracies. Convicted after 6-week trial.

R v H and Others, Croydon CC: 6-week trial of aggravated burglary, kidnapping and false imprisonment of 15-year old in relation to a drugs debt. Sentence reduced on appeal.

R v Woodings and Others, Birmingham CC: Trial and re-trial of conspiracy to import drugs. After conviction secured a suspended sentence of imprisonment.

R v D and Others, Leicester CC: Class A drugs conspiracy. Trial aborted after 9 weeks due to covid-19.

Andrew has vast experience in dealing with all types of sexual offences and has a considerable reputation for his skill in cross-examining children, vulnerable witnesses and those with mental health issues. That skill-set is also utilised in dealing with defendants who have vulnerabilities, behavioural problems and difficulties with their own mental health. Andrew is โ€œjury friendlyโ€ and quick to build a rapport with clients with his down to earth approach.

R v Bartlett, Harrow CC: The defendant was acquitted on multiple counts of historical rape but convicted of lesser offences. Successfully resisted an Attorney Generalโ€™s Reference in relation to the sentences for those offences.

R v C, Guildford CC: Male dance teacher convicted of rape and serious sexual offences against a number of young female pupils.

R v K, Wolverhampton CC: On the re-trial of multiple allegations of marital rape Not Guilty verdicts entered.

R v Ali, Manchester CC: Taxi driver acquitted on re-trial of sexual assault on female passenger.

R v Alani, Canterbury CC: Alleged kidnap and rape of vulnerable teenage female. Jury hung and no evidence called on re-trial.

R v L, Guildford CC: 31 counts of rape and serious sexual offences by father on all daughters; convicted after three-week trial.

R v P, Birmingham CC: Former prison officer, now elderly and wheel-chair bound, tried for historical rape of young inmate in a Detention Centre. Hung jury; no re-trial.

Andrew has represented a range of people who have raised defences arising from trafficking and modern slavery with a number of ongoing cases including ones where conclusive grounds decisions have been made yet the Crown have sought to proceed.

Over many years Andrew has dealt with cases of murder, manslaughter and death by dangerous or careless driving. He has a particular interest in cases involving expert evidence in relation to vehicle dynamics and accident reconstruction.

R v Taylor, Derby CC: Defendant acquitted of attempted murder where it was alleged that he had driven down and then reversed over a male with whom he had been fighting. When listed for re-trial a plea was entered to s.20 GBH and a suspended sentence was imposed.

R v Baptiste and Others, Reading CC: Defendant acquitted of murder on the basis that the death, on falling from a moving car, was shown to be accidental.

R v Fenner, Guildford CC: Defendant acquitted after two-week trial of causing the death of his passenger by dangerous driving.


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